DD Direct Plus

DD Free Dish is India’s only Free Direct-To-Home Service primarily known as DD Direct +. This service was launched in December, 2004. DD Free Dish DTH  service is owned and operated by Public Service Broadcaster Prasar Bharati (Doordarshan).

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What is DTH


​In general, DTH service is the one in which a large number of channels are digitally compressed, encrypted, uplinked and beamed  down over a territory from a very high power satellite. The DTH signals can be received  directly at homes with the help of a small sized dish receive unit containing a Dish Antenna of diameter 60 to 90 cm  installed at the building’s roof-top or on the wall facing clear south and one indoor

Set-Top-Box unit facilitating viewing of demultiplexed signals from DTH channel bouquet on TV set. The DTH signals can be received anywhere across the country irrespective of the terrain conditions provided the area comes under the footprint of the Satellite.


DTH transmission eliminates the intervening role of a local cable operator since a user is directly connected to the DTH service.  DTH Transmission is most preferred in Ku- Band so as to avoid the need of larger Dish sizes for suitably receiving the DTH signals. As the DTH telecast is in the Digital mode, user is able to reap all the benefits of Digital transmission. Programs in the DTH bouquet are having higher resolution picture and better audio quality than traditional analog signals.


Direct-to-Home (DTH) satellite television is becoming a buzzword in the satellite broadcast industry due to the fact that DTH offers immense opportunities to both broadcasters and viewers. Thanks to the rapid development of digital technology, DTH broadcast operators worldwide have been able to introduce a large number of new interactive applications in the television market besides a large number of entertainment programmes over a single delivery platform. In addition, since digital technology permits a highly efficient exploitation of the frequency spectrum, the number of TV channels that can be broadcast using digital technology is significantly higher than with analogue technology. The increased number of television channels allows the operator to satisfy the demand of a number of niche markets with dedicated transmissions.


What is DD Free Dish? 

Doordarshan’s DD Free Dish is a multi-channel Free-To-Air Direct to Home (DTH) service. This service was launched in December’2004 with the modest beginning of 33 channels.  This service was inaugurated by Hon’ble Prime Minister of India.  DD Free Dish has been upgraded time to time and at present Doordarshan’s DTH platform has the capacity of 64 SDTV channels along with 24 Radio channels. DD Free Dish is available in Ku-Band on INSAT-4B (at 93.5°E) having MPEG-2 DVB-S, 4 streams of channels  with Downlink Frequencies -10990, 11070, 11150 and 11570 MHz. This Ku-Band DTH service provides the TV coverage throughout the Indian territory (except Andaman & Nicobar Islands). DTH signals can be received through a small sized dish receive system ( i.e. Set Top Box and Dish of size 60 to 90 cm in diameter)  for which no monthly subscription fee is payable by the viewers.



A separate DTH service in C-Band with a bouquet of 10 channels has also been provided by Doordarshan exclusively for Andaman & Nicobar Islands, which is also Free-To-Air. This C-Band DTH service is available on INSAT-4B (at 93.5°E) with downlink frequency of 3925 MHz, 27500 Ksps, FEC-3/4, Pol-H, L.O.-5150MHz. This service can be received through a STB and small sized Dish Antenna (approximately 120 cm diameter) for which also no monthly subscription fee  is payable by viewers. 


Future of DD Free Dish?


Expansion of DD Free Dish has been carried out time to time. The present capacity is likely to be enhanced to 112 SDTV channels and 40 Radio channels in near future with the introduction of two new MPEG-4, DVB-S2 stream.


How DD Free Dish is different from other DTH systems?

Most of the DTH Services, operating all over the world and in India, provide paid DTH Service. In the paid service, the DTH operators uplink the encrypted TV signals to the satellite and the signals are received by subscribers through a Dish receive system having a Dish Antenna and one Customized Set Top Box (DIGITAL DECODER). By choosing the bunch of various desired TV channels viz-a-viz the respective payment plan options, subscribers are given a key-code to decode/decrypt the TV channels through customized set top box. The subscription charges for viewing these channels are collected by the DTH operator.


Whereas, DD Free Dish is absolutely  different,  as Doordarshan is not charging any monthly subscription fee from the viewers for complete bouquet of the DD Free Dish channels, making the system quite affordable for all as it requires only a small one time investment in purchasing of Dish Receive System containing Set-Top-Box and small sized Dish Antenna.  


How to receive DD Free Dish?


Receive system of DD Free Dish contains three units: 1) One small sized Dish Antenna along with LNBF 2) Indoor Set-Top-Box (STB) also known as IRD (Integrated Receiver Decoder) and 3) Handy Remote control unit for STB.  Dish Antenna installed at the roof top or on wall facing clear south receives the signal from satellite and transmits it to the indoor Set top box unit. The set top box further decodes the different TV channels from the DTH bouquet and feeds it to the TV set for viewing.


The complete DD Free Dish DTH system (Dish Antenna, Set Top Box and Remote control unit) is a one-time purchase from the open market with a nominal cost. There is absolutely no further recurring expenditure in terms of monthly subscription etc. for viewing DD Free Dish Channels.  


Installation of the Receive System:


Installation of the DTH receive system is very easy and does not take much time. The viewers may take the services of skilled technical personnel to get the dish installed and oriented towards the desired Satellite, followed by tuning/configuring the Set-Top-Box unit. Dish Installation and STB-Tuning procedure is normally mentioned in the manual supplied by respective manufacturer along with their receive system. As a broad guideline, some of the parameters which may be required to be fed to the STB are indicated below. 


Satellite in use: 


INSAT series Geostationary Satellite INSAT-4B from ISRO is being used to provide the services of DD Free Dish in Ku-Band. Reception of DD Free Dish signal is available throughout the length and breadth of the Indian Territory except Andaman & Nicobar Islands.  



Satellite’s Orbital location: 93.5° East 


DTH Receive Parameters:


Receive parameters of the Doordarshan’s DTH bouquet of TV channels (spread in 4 streams), are as follows:


  Transponder Polarization Downlink Frequency (MHz) LNB Frequency


Symbol Rate



K13 (36 MHz) V 10990 9750 28500 3/4
K15 (36 MHz) V 11070 9750 28500 3/4
K17 (36 MHz) V 11150 9750 28500 3/4
K21 (36 MHz) V 11570 10600 28500 3/4

Following is the suggestive tuning procedure of STB for receiving the TV Channels. However if need be, the viewers may consult the installation manual supplied with STB or contact the nearest STB Dealer.


  1. Satellite Name:
  2. a)      Go to Installation menu or setup Programme from remote.
  3. b)      Select Satellite Edit menu.
  4. c)      Select Add New Satellite menu
  5. d)      Select Sat Name Edit menu.
  6. e)      Enter Satellite Name as INSAT- 4B.
  7. f)       Enter Satellite Longitude as 93.5° E
  8. g)      Press Exit


  1.      LNB Configuration
  2. a)      Go to LNB Configuration menu. Ensure that satellite selected

is INSAT- 4B only.

  1. b)      Set LNB Types as Universal.
  2. c)      Set LNB Power on.
  3. d)      Press Exit
  4. Transport streams of Transponder (TP) Edit:
  5. a)       Go to Transponder Edit menu. Ensure that satellite selected is


  1. b)       Select Add New TP menu.
  2. c)       Enter TP Frequency as 10990 MHz
  3. d)       Select Symbol rate as 28500 Ksps.
  4. e)       Select Polarization as Vertical.
  5. f)        Select Scan as FTA.
  6. g)           Press OK.
  7. h)          ‘22K’    OFF*
  8. i)           ‘Disc. Equal’. Off


After filling the above values Go to ‘Search’

Press ‘OK’

The new 16 TV and 06 Radio services will be displayed. Similarly add all other three Transport streams (TPs) by entering respective frequencies, symbol rate and polarization as given in Table above

Note: – The above-mentioned steps may be in different order in some of the STBs.




  1. What is DD Free Dish?
  2. DD Free Dish is India’s first and one and only Free-to-Air (FTA) Direct-To-Home (DTH) Service from Doordarshan.


  1. What is FTA DTH?
  2. Normally all over the world the DTH operator charges the activation charges and monthly subscription charges depending upon the channels to be viewed. DD Free Dish is a unique Free-To-Air DTH in which the subscriber can buy the receive unit from open market and start viewing the programmes without paying a penny as subscription.


  1. What is the composition of DD Free Dish bouquet?
  2. DD Free Dish bouquet is a fantastic combination of Doordarshan TV channels, Private TV Channels and Radio channels of All India Radio.


  1. What is the maximum number of channels, which can be put on DD Free Dish?
  2. The number of channels would be increased in phases. At present DD Free Dish DTH platform has a capacity of 64 SDTV channels and 24 Radio channels.


  1. When the DD Free Dish service started?
  2. The  DD Free Dish      bouquet  was  formally inaugurated  by  our  Honorable  Prime Minister of India on 16/12/2004. It was primarily known as DD Direct +. At present the transmission is ‘ON’ with 64 SDTV and 24 Radio channels.


  1. What is the reach of DD Free Dish?
  2. DD Free Dish  in Ku-Band is available throughout the country except in Andaman & Nicobar Islands and reaches even those places where Terrestrial or cable TV is not available like border, remote & tribal areas. A separate 10 channel DTH service in C-Band has been provided by Doordarshan exclusively for Andaman & Nicobar Islands, which is also Free- To-Air.



  1. What are the advantages of DD Free Dish over cable connection?
  2. DD Free Dish ensures excellent Picture Quality for all the channels in the bouquet. There is no intermediary as one gets the signals directly from the broadcasters. There are no recurring charges to be paid by subscribers to view any of the programs.


  1. Can DD Free Dish be viewed without disconnecting existing cable connection?
  2. Cable connection can be viewed in normal TV mode and DTH channels can be viewed in AV Mode by choosing the AV option from the remote of your TV set.  DTH channels can be changed using STB remote control.


  1. Once the Dish & Decoder are installed, will it be possible to receive all channels?
  2. Yes, all the channels available in the bouquet can be received once the receive equipment is installed.


  1. If there are more than one TV set in one house; will all TV sets require separate STBs/Dishes to receive DD Free Dish?
  2. Yes, for each TV, a separate STB will be required.


  1. If one shifts his residence or moves to some other city, can he continue to use the same STB and the Dish to receive DD Free Dish?
  2. Yes, one can carry the equipment anywhere in India and continue to enjoy DD Free Dish after installing the dish at the new location to track the satellite.


  1. Will the reception be affected by rains/snowfall?
  2. Though provision exists in the uplink system to take care of fading of the signal due to rains, yet heavy rains may result into temporary outage in the DTH signal.


  1. Where can the Dish be installed?
  2. Dish can be installed on the rooftop or on the wall surface facing clear south.


  1. Are any Audio (Radio) channels also available in DD Free Dish?
  2. Yes, at present there are 24 Radio channels available in the bouquet


Is Doordarshan marketing/selling/appointing dealers for the Receive Equipment?


  1. No. The equipment is available in the open market and can be purchased from any TV Dealer. Doordarshan has not authorized anybody to sell the Receive Equipment nor has given any dealership, etc., for this purpose.


  1. Subscription Fee etc.?
  2. It is clarified that no subscription fee is required to be paid to anybody for receiving the DD Free Dish signal. The service is totally free and the only expenditure involved is on one time purchase of Receive Equipment, which is available in the open market on nominal cost.


Q.Is Doordarshan appointing any dealer in future for marketing the platform/receive equipment/subscribers/customers?


  1. No dealers have been appointed by Doordarshan so far.


  1. What should be the cost of the Receive Equipment for DD Free Dish?
  2. The indicative price of a Receive System may be less than Rs.2000.

It may however vary with the make of equipment and will also depend upon the local taxes/prevailing custom duty, etc.


  1. Can the receive System be installed by the viewer himself?
  2. Detailed procedure for installation is given in the website. However, it is advisable to take the help of skilled technical person for the installation of the system.


  1. What are the channels available on the DD FREE DISH platform?
  2. The information is available on the Link: DD Free Dish Channel List.


  1. Can the Receive Dish be fixed on the window grill?
  2. It may be possible to get the dish fixed on the window grill with slight modification on the grill or the fixtures but it is desirable to fix the dish on rigid wall (outside) or roof top .


  1. Will the DD Free Dish available in a particular city/locality?
  2. The signal can be received anywhere in India.


  1. Which are the dealers of the equipment in a particular city/town?
  2. DTH receive equipment is generally available with all the TV dealers / shops.


  1. Will DD Free Dish signal be available to my remote village, where no TV tower is installed?
  2. Yes, the DD Free Dish signal is made available to you through satellite and doesn’t require any tower or cable for its distribution.


  1. Are you providing any value added service like Internet etc. over your DTH platform?
  2. No, presently no such service is being provided.


  1. Channel name in TV channel list is different than the Actual TV program shown? in that case what shall I do ?
  2. In the STB the change in program (TV channel) is detected but the information of changed channel name is not stored automatically. The required change of information can be stored by deleting the earlier information and reinstalling (scanning) the new channel information.


  1. How to update the changes in TV channel tuning manually?

A: The procedure to update the changes in program name varies from make to make of STBs. Follow the procedure mentioned in the installation manual supplied along-with the STB. However, as broad guidelines the steps involved are as indicated in the example given hereunder:



Following are the steps to be followed to scan or search the channels on DD Free Dish DTH bouquet.

Press    ‘Menu’ Button on Remote of DD Free Dish Set-Top-Box

Go to    ‘Installation’ or ‘Setup Programme’

Fill the details as below

‘Satellite’                    INSAT 4B

‘T P Frequency’        10990 MHz

‘LNB Frequency’       09750 MHz

‘Symbol rate’            28500 Ksps

‘Polarization’              V

‘22K’                           OFF

‘Search mode’           FTA

‘Disc. Equal’.              Off

After filling the above values go to ‘Search’

Press ‘OK’​


The new TV and Radio services will be displayed.

For other frequencies and related parameters refer to table below.

Note:-The above-mentioned steps may be in different order in some of the STBs. In case there is any difficulty, viewers are advised to contact the nearest STB dealer.


The different transponder frequency, LNB frequency, symbol rate etc. required to tune to the STBs for all the channels available in the DD Free Dish are summarized as below: – ​


.No.​​ ​Transponder Frequency
​Polarization ​Symbol
Rate (Ksps)
FEC​ ​LNBFrequency


​22K Disc.


​1. ​10990 ​V ​28500 ​3/4 ​09750 ​OFF OFF
2.​ ​11070 ​V ​28500 ​3/4 ​09750 ​OFF ​OFF
3.​ ​11150 ​V ​28500 ​3/4 ​09750 ​OFF ​OFF
4.​ ​11570 ​V ​28500 ​3/4 ​10600 ​OFF ​OFF


Q. How to delete TV channel programme in STB manually?

A. The procedure to delete TV Channel programme in the TV channel list varies from make to make of STBs. Follow the procedure mentioned in the installation manual supplied along-with the STB.


Following are the steps to be followed to delete channels in TV channel list.

Go to ‘Edit Programme’

Select the channel, using up down key.

Press ‘OK’



Now DD Free Dish broadcast 63 TV Channels  including 24 Doordarshan Channel, 34 Indian Private Channels, 5 International Channels, & 1 Test Television Channel & 24 National Radio Channel through out India & its sub-continental Area. Its the only Free DTH Service. Every Indian citizens can receive this service by spent Rs 1000.00 to 5500.00 at a time & without any monthly subscription. Within few Month, DD Free Dish will be with 112 TV Channels

Available Television Channel as on 20th March 2015

Door Darshan TV Channels

  • DD National
  • DD News
  • DD India
  • DD Bharati
  • DD Sports
  • Lok Sabha TV
  • Rajya Sabha TV
  • DD Urdu
  • DD Bangla
  • DD Kashir
  • DD Punjabi
  • DD Uttar Pradesh
  • DD Rajasthan
  • DD Girnar
  • DD Madhya Pradesh
  • DD Bihar
  • DD North East
  • DD Oriya
  • DD Chandana
  • DD Podhigai
  • DD Sahyadri
  • DD Yadagiri
  • DD Malayalam
  • DD Saptagiri


Hindi Movie Channels

  • B4U Movies
  • Enterr 10
  • Cinema TV
  • Manoranjan TV
  • Dabangg
  • Ashirwad Classic
  • Maha Movie
  • Khusboo TV

Hindi Music Channels

  • B4U Music
  • Mastiii
  • 9XM
  • Manoranjan Music

Hindi General Entertainment Channels

  • Sony PAL
  • Rishtey
  • Big Magic
  • Star Utsav
  • Zee Anmol
  • Dillagi
  • Dangal TV

Hindi News Channels

  • ABP News
  • Focus News
  • News 24
  • India News
  • Shri News
  • India TV
  • TV 24
  • News Nation
  • Alami Sahara

Hindi Devotional Channels

  • Aastha Bhajan
  • Sarv Dharam Sangam
  • Ishwar TV
  • Sadhna TV
  • Aastha TV

Others Regional Channels

  • Chardikla Time TV

International Channels

  • Russia Today
  • NHK World
  • DW TV
  • France 24 English
  • Australia Plus TV

Temporary FTA Channels from NSS6/SES8

  • Music India
  • Zing
  • 9X Jalwa
  • ETC Bollywood
  • Live India
  • News State
  • News Express
  • CCTV News
  • Dhamaal
  • Zee Smile
  • Channel Divya
  • HBN
  • Mazhavil Manorama
  • Kasthuri TV
  • Amrita TV
  • Nepal 1
  • Kairali WE
  • Saam TV
  • Kaatyayani TV
  • Sanskar TV
  • Disha TV
  • Star CJ 2
  • Zee Tamizh
  • Zee Punjabi
  • Tata Prima T1
  • Sri Sankara
  • ABN Andhra Jyoti
  • Captain TV
  • Jivi Shoppe

Installation of the DD Direct Plus DTH System:

Installation of the System is very easy and does not take much time. However the viewer has to take the services of skilled technical personnel to get the dish installed and oriented towards the Satellite, which is required to be carried out before the system starts receiving the DD DIRECT+ signals. Tuning/configuring the STB also is required to be done initially. Tuning procedure is normally supplied by the manufacturer along with the STB.

Some of the parameters which are required to be fed to the IRD are mentioned therein and are also given under the heading ‘Satellite in use’.

Satellite in use:

A powerful Satellite INSAT-4B is being used to uplink the DD DIRECT+ signal. Reception of the signal has been checked to be available throughout the country.

Salient features of the satellite are listed below:

Orbit type: Geo-synchronous
Orbital location: 93.5° E

INSAT-4B is the latest Geo-synchronous Satellite of INSAT series with high power kU Band Transponders launched by ISRO in the beginning of the year 2007. Service parameters of the bouquet of channels, which have been put into operation at present, are as follows:
Transponder    Up/Down          Polarization    Uplink freq.
(MHZ)    Downlink freq. (MHZ)    LNB Frequency    Symbol Rate
(MHZ)    FEC
C13 (36 MHz)    H/V    14040    10990    9750    27.5    3/4
C15 (36 MHz)    H/V    14120    11070    9750    27.5    3/4
C17 (36 MHz)    H/V    14200    11150    9750    27.5    3/4
C19 (36 MHz)    H/V    14290    11490    9750    27.5    3/4
C 21 (36 MHz)    H/V    14370    11570    9750    27.5    3/4

To install the channels following procedure is to be followed which is only suggestive. Viewers are advised to consult the installation manual supplied with STB or contact the nearest STB Dealer

1.      Satellite Name:

a)      Go to Installation menu or setup Programme from remote.

b)      Select Satellite Edit menu.

c)      Select Add New Satellite menu.

d)      Select Sat Name Edit menu.

e)      Enter Satellite Name as INSAT- 4B.

f)        Enter Satellite Longitude as 93.5o E

g)      Press Exit

2.      LNB Configuration

a)          Go to LNB Configuration menu. Ensure that satellite selected is   INSAT- 4B only.

b)          Set LNB Types as Universal.

c)          Set LNB Power on.

d)          Press Exit

3. Transponder (TP) Edit:

a)          Go to Transponder Edit menu. Ensure that satellite selected is INSAT- 4B.

b)          Select Add New TP menu.

c)          Enter TP Frequency as 10990 MHz.

d)          Select Symbol rate as 27500 ksps.

e)          Select Polarization as Vertical.

f)          Select Scan as FTA.

g)         Press OK.

h)         ‘22K’    OFF*

i)          ‘Disc. Equal’. Off

After filling the above values Go to ‘search’

Press ‘OK’

The new TV and Radio services will be displayed. Similarly add all other four TPs by entering the frequency, symbol rate and polarization as given  in Table above

Note: – The above-mentioned steps may be in, different order in some of the STB


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Tamil Latest 143 60 Ta
Tamil 90’s 145 93 Ta
Tamil Classic 146 92 Ta
Telugu Classic 147 61 Te
Telugu 90’s 148 97 Te
Telugu Latest 149 99 Te
Malayalam Classic 150 101 Mal
Malayalam Latest 151 103 Mal
Malayalam 90’s


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    pls dth all channel detail



  3. ranajitkoley Says:

    Dear Dilip,

    To get All channel please note this details –

    (A) For DD Direct Plus

    ALL LNB ( Low & High) will be 09750, SYMBOL RATE will be 27500, Ploarization will be – Vertical, 22K – OFF, Dish Eqc – OFF. DD Direct Plus use Insat 4B Satellite at 93.5 degree East. There are 5 Transponder Frequency in DD Direct Plus. They are –

    (i) 10990 – 13 TV Channel & 4 Radio Channels all are free
    (ii) 11070 – 13 TV Channel & 4 Radio Channels all are free
    (iii) 11150 – 13 TV Channel & 4 Radio Channels all are free
    (iv) 11490 – 10 TV Channel & 7 Radio Channels all are free
    (v) 11570 – 10 TV Channel & 4 Radio Channels all are free

    TV Channels are –

    DD National
    DD News
    DD Sports
    DD India
    DD Bharati
    DD Bangla
    DD Chandana
    DD Gujarati
    DD Kashir
    Lok Sabha TV
    Test 111
    Test 112
    Vyas TV

    DD North-East
    DD Oriya
    DD Podhigai
    DD Punjab
    DD Sahyadri
    DD Saptagiri
    DD Malayalam
    Mh 1 Shraddha CHannel
    Rajya Sabha TV
    N TV
    IBN Lokmat

    Test 301
    Time TV
    E 24
    PTC News
    Aastha TV
    ETC (India)
    Makkal TV
    Care World
    Zee Jagran
    MH 1 Music
    PBC TV
    Total TV

    KBS World
    NHK World TV
    News Live
    Amrita TV Middle East
    India News
    News 24
    Enterr 10
    Total TV

    Test 402
    Music India
    Kalaignar TV
    DD Urdu
    Star Utsav
    Zee Smile
    B4U Music India
    Gyandarshan 2
    Test 410

    (B) For Dish TV

    ALL LNB ( Low & High) will be 10600, 22K – ON, Dish Eqc – OFF. Dish TV use NSS 6 Satellite at 95.00 degree East. There are 9 Transponder Frequency in Dish TV. The details are –

    LNB LowLNBHigh TP S.R. Pol 22K DisEqC
    09750 10600 11037 40700 H OFF OFF
    09750 10600 11097 29500 H OFF OFF ** ( Free : CGN TV)
    09750 10600 11172 27500 H OFF OFF
    10600 10600 12535 40700 V ON OFF ( Free : Zee Jagaran )
    10600 10600 12595 40700 V ON OFF ( Free : Play TV, India TV, Nepal 1, Zee Tamil, Fashion TV, Zee Smile )
    10600 10600 12595 40700 H ON OFF
    10600 10600 12638 13300 V ON OFF ( Free Dish Interactive)
    10600 10600 12647 28000 H ON OFF
    10600 10600 12688 28000 H ON OFF
    10600 10600 12688 27500 V ON OFF
    10600 10600 12729 27500 V ON OFF ( Free Zee Trendz)

    * will be replace with another Free Channel soon
    ** It is not a Dish TV Transponders Here you will get CGN TV

    If you need to know more about Free DTH you can write me here

  4. Dipankar Says:

    Good job.. Go ahead…
    Wish you all the luck..

  5. ranajitkoley Says:


    if you need any more help about DTH you can tell me here I will try to solve it

  6. vinay Says:

    good job ranajitkoley

    for dth of DD, main thing for Prasar Bharti to do is
    maintain all their currently shown channels,
    dont change/remove it arbitrarily.
    atleast hv one regional pvt channel for each major language.

    for dth in general,
    if the consumers dont get the choice of choosing a channel, n end up paying for the bouquet then what is the advantage of dth ovr cable except for clarity. even cable operator can gv clarity if u ask for stb to him.(even in non-CAS area)

    for dth or even CAS to succeed in its true sense, they shud gv consumers chance to select an individual channel instead of bouquet and charged individually.

    further channel groups shudnt discourage consumers going for individual channels like eg, if complete star package consisting of say 15 channels is charged for Rs. 75/- (ie Rs. 5/- per channel) then individual channel’s charge shud not b more than Rs. 10/- per channel.

    further stb shud b interchangeable to different service providers like tatasky or dishtv or even ddd plus.

  7. ranajitkoley Says:

    Thanks Vinay

    right now we are getting 47 Channel from DD DTH 8 Channel from Dish TV as free. I think this number will increase very soon. Prasar Bharati decided very soon they will serve 100 Free to air Channel through their DTH. I hope within March 2009 we will get the same.

  8. ranajitkoley Says:

    Hi Friends,

    From Yesterday I am getting 9X from NSS 6 as temporary free mode to get it please serach 12595 V 40700 TP. Here you also get Fashion TV, Play TV, Akash Bangla & Live India. Enjoy friends

  9. ravi ranjan Says:

    i have dish tv as well as direct dd tv installed in my home …..is it possible to get paid channels if i connect a wire to the booster of dish tv with direct dd booster………?

  10. ranajitkoley Says:

    No it impossible .

  11. Rathidevi Says:

    We are liking in DD Direct Plus and more than tamil, Telgu, Kannada, Hindi through the new channels

  12. ranajitkoley Says:

    Thanks for your comments on this Blog. To get more FTA Channel in DD Direct Plus please send mail to all FTA channel providers to join them in DD Direct Plus to increse their traffic. Also inspire your all friend to send mail. I am giving you some E-Mail id of some FTA TV Channel

    Manoranjan TV – creativechannel@indiatimes.com
    Aakaash Bangla – admin@aakaashbangla.com
    Angel TV – atvchennai@angeltv.org
    Care World TV / 7 Star Care – mail@careworldtv.com
    CNEB TV – cneb@cneb.tv
    Enterr 10 – info@enterr10tv.com
    FE TV – fetvindia@alfredallan.com
    India TV – mail@indiatvnews.com
    Jeevan TV – jeevan@jeevan.tv
    Jhankarr TV – mail@jhankarrtv.com
    Fashion TV – india@ftv.com
    Channel 8 – ashok@channeleight.com
    BBC World News – bbcworld@bbc.co.uk
    NE Bangla – distribution@netvindia.com/technical_inc@netvindiacom
    Orissa TV – feedback@orissatv.in
    Aajtak / Headlines Today – aajtak@india-today.com
    Hariyali TV – rakeshgupta@sadhna.com
    CNN IBN – editor@ibnlive.com
    Lemon TV – mail@lemontv.co.in
    Peace TV – feedback@orissatv.in
    Purva TV – info@purvatv.net
    Sahara Samay National – info@saharasamay.com
    Space Toon India – info@stooninternational.com
    TV South Asia – speakout@tvsouthasia.com
    Voyages India – india@voyages.tv
    Yo Muzic – zeemusic@zeenetwork.com
    Zoom – zoom.television@timesgroup.com
    Zee News – zeenews@zeenetwork.com
    24 Ghanta – response@zeenetwork.com / 24ghanta@zeenetwork.com
    Yes Indiavishion – indiavision@eth.net
    Voice Of India – myvoice@voiceofindia.tv
    Tara News – info@taratv.com
    Star News – starnews@vsnl.net
    Star Ananda – feedback@staranandalive.com
    Space TV – info@spacetv.co.in
    Sangeet Bangla – info@sangeetbangla.com / response@sangeetbangla.com
    Sadhna TV – barkhaarora@sadhna.com
    SAB TV – sabetv_bgl@vsnl.net

    Definately you will get some of them from here after sending mail. I alredy sent maill all of them & PTC Punjabi replied that they will join DD Direct Plus soon. but they also says the DD has increase their carraige Fees from 25 lakh to 60 Lakh. Its the main problems to new comers. Thats why
    1) Zee Jagaran
    (2) Zee Smile
    (3) Enter 10
    (4) MH 1 Music (Only Pvt.channel from Starting time of DD Direct Plus)
    (5) Time TV
    (6) Win TV
    quit from DD Direct Plus Platform. To get them al together you have to send a mail to Prasser Bharati also to decrese their carriage Fees. Where Reliance’s Big TV’s Carriage fee is nil

    I request you to all please send mail to above mentioned email address to get something


    Ranajit Koley

  13. aneesh Says:

    i am having some problems with amritha , jaihind , music india and some channels can u help ?

  14. ranajitkoley Says:

    Please tell me what type of problems you are facing with those channels. Surely I will fix it

  15. mahendra nathani Says:

    Mr.Amrit Ghoshal
    CNEB T.V.Pvt ltd

    Dear Mr Amrit

    I have seen your advertisement inthe screen of CNEB T.V. during my Delhi vi=
    sit.So that i propose my self for the state of MP.
    I am 45 years & a bussinessmen CEO for DIvine & Co. INC,propritor of Divine=
    & company ,CEO of M/S Real liquors & doing my bussiness globally promoting=
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    scrabe etc,.
    I have a very good infrastructure & mantain very good public relations thro=
    ugh out the nation.
    I am also working as a consultants for many organisation in india & abroad.
    Please let me know your views on my proposal .
    I am at delhi upto 20th of same month But busy uptill 16th of nov reason be=
    hind i have to attend my MBA 2nd year classes any how.
    Please let me know accordingly & kindly fix up an appoinment for me.
    Thanking you & Warmest regards
    Sincerely yours

    Mahendra Nathani
    Email:- real_liquor@yahoo.co.in

  16. Dhaval Says:

    Hello i dont got zee smile,zee jagran and enter10
    please give me the frequency of this channels
    i m from gujarat

  17. Abhishek Says:

    How can i get other channels avilable on nss6 like CGN TV

    • ranajitkoley Says:

      Read my Last comments. I think you can get the solution. If you are from West Bengal, can call me 98041 74536 for more help

  18. unni Says:

    I have a dish tv and using in middle east.How can i get dd dth in dish tv, now i didnt get the dd channels in dish tv.I heard that in india both we can get in one angle .Here it is possible?

  19. koushik Says:

    i am not getting win tv. how to get

  20. unni Says:

    still pending…????

  21. unni Says:

    Iam using dish tv(zee) in dubai, dish size 100 cm .All the chaneels in dish tv are very clear (now 147 channel is available).let me know dd dth how can i get?

  22. Ranajit Koley Says:

    Sorry !

    You cant get DD Direct Plus in Dubai. Please tell me are you getting Zee Tamil, Smile TV, 9X etc on your Dish TV . to see Indian TV Channels you have to use seperate minimum 6ft Dish for C Band. Then you can get lots of Indian TV Channels from Insat 2E/4A & also from Insat 4B (83 degree & 93.5 degree)

    and also tell me how much signal are you getting in avarage from Dish TV. I think signal quality of Dish TV also poor in Dubai. its below 55%

    and wish you and all Viewrs


  23. Ranajit Koley Says:

    One Good News for DD Direct Plus Users,

    Now Play TV, Nepal 1, India TV, Zee Tamil, Fashin TV & Zee Smile are FTA from 12595 V 40700 TP

    Zee Trendz is still FTA from 12728 V 27500

    Sony PIX also FTA

    so enjoy temporary FTA from Dish TV

    I think Play TV, Fashion TV, Zee Trendz will remains as FTA permanently

  24. unni Says:

    Dear Sir,

    Here dish tv have a good signal quality. (more than 60 % & all the channels are very clear) .Also I know about Insat 2E & 4B, here a lot of people using.My question is in dish tv receiver or anteena can catch the dd dth signal. I think in india it is possible. If we are using seperalte anteena in insat 4B dd dth is available. Your mention all channels are available here in dish tv(zee).

  25. Ranajit Koley Says:

    If anybody can receive Insat 4B from your location then you also receive it through your existing Dish. for that please move your Dish towards left ( a few) with minimum signal quality of 12595 V 40700 ( 40 %). If you are in front of your Dish. I think you will get it otherwise call your nearest Service Expert from Dish TV to setup it again. I hope you will sure get it

  26. Shubhankar Says:

    You have informed me that Play Tv is available on Doordarshan DTH,but you have not provided the LNB Frequency and information about the 22K and 12V.Please provide me that also.

    • ranajitkoley Says:

      For this TP LNB 1 will be 09750 same as DD DTH and another LNB 2 will be 10600 and 22K will remain ON mode

  27. Shubhankar Says:

    Its not coming,showing parameters is wrong.

    • ranajitkoley Says:

      If you want to receive Play TV, India TV, Fashion TV, Zee Tamil for free please set this value in your STB
      LNB 1 10600
      LNB 2 10600

      TP 12595
      Symbol Rate : 40700
      Pol : V

      22K : ON
      DiSEqC : OFF ( if you use more than 1 LNB then set as per your setting means 1/2/3/4 whichever may be

      Search Mode : All

      I Hope you will get it. otherwise you can configure your STB as Universal LNB. (If this facility available on your STB) It will take automatically LNB Value as per your TP

  28. Haseen Says:

    i have free setalite tv channels so ican only watch free channels i like to watch other channels also so please tel me to how can i watch those channels

    • ranajitkoley Says:

      To watch Encrypted Channels ( Pay Channels) you have to pay yearly subscription to channels providers. And for that you have to purchase different STB with smart Card slot. through this card you can watch pay channels. To get smart card you have to contact channels Providers or smart Card Provider or Dreambox Suppliers

  29. mahendra nathani Says:

    Please let us know the rates for 30 minutes serial to be if publish/relay on delhi doordarshan during 8 to 8.30 pm evening once in a week specially on saturday.
    Mahendra Nathani

  30. suman ghosh Says:

    plz inform me about this.


  31. Mukesh Sadana Says:

    please tell me if i am having all equipments(dish,stb,Lnb) from tata sky but having no subscription , can i get free dd dth channels in any possible way. if yes how.


    there is two procedure to watch Free DD Direct Plus without paying anything by using Tatasky Set Top Boxes.

    1. Handover your Set Top Box to any DTH Service Person. Who will change the software of Tatasky by another Free Software

    2. Use you existing Set Top Box and follow the following steps

    (i) Press ORGANISER Button of the RCU
    (ii) Select SYSTEM SETTING
    (iii) Select ADD CHANNELS
    (iv) In the next window add TP (Transponder Frequency) and POLARIZATION
    (v) Select FIND CHANNELS in the same window
    (vi) After that all the channels carring that TP will come
    (vii) Select the channels which you want to store and press yellow Button of the RCU to store
    (viii) Other unwanted channels will automatically delete
    (ix) To see the channels press BACK Button several times to exit from all the windows
    (x) Again press the ORGANISER Button of the RCU
    (xi) Press OTHER CHANNELS

    Now You will find the scanned channels!!!
    Note!! You can store all KU FTA channels of all Satellite like ABS 1, Insat 4B + NSS 6, Protostar 1 , Asiasat 3S etc.

    To do this 1st move your dish toward desired satellite position

    Other wise purchase any FTA Set Top Box

  32. Mukesh Sadana Says:

    thanks for ur nice suggestion!
    this is in reference to my last msg on 29th jan 2009.
    can u kindly tell me whom to contact for changing the software in tata sky stb in delhi. Since i talked to tata sky person but they always force u to subscribe. so please tell me any suitable person/shop at my email if possible.

    thanks and regards

  33. Ranajit Koley Says:


    If you wanted to watch only DD Direct Plus & free channels of Dish TV, you not need to change your software. Just move your Dish toward Dish TV/ DD Direct Plus and follow my 2nd Procedure. you will get all without paying anything to tatasky. If you think you will watch more (More C band Channels through your existing Set Top Box then change your Software of STB.

    Better thing purchase a new Set Top Box of Beetel. Its very good in quality and Price is Rs. 1100.00 only . and ordinary Set Top Box is available in Delhi Local Market just for Rs. 650.00 . If you decide change your Software of STB you have to pay Rs 500.00 to Engineer for Software & his Service Charge

    And I dont have any contact number of any STB Service person in Delhi

  34. Muzzammil Patel Says:

    Sir, Can U help me if I want to watch Peace TV using any STB Box without subscribing to any service provider as this is a FTA channel.Also help me regarding the size of the dish that I will be required to install for the same.

    Yes you can get this channels easily from Intelsat 10 satellite. to receive this channels you need a 6ft Dish, one C Band LNB, required cable and a normal set top box

    Price will be as follows

    normal 6ft Dish Rs. 1600 to 4000 depends on quality

    Ordinary set top box Price from Rs 650 to 1200

    RG 6 or RG 8 cable as require you @ Rs 10 per meter

    C band Duel LNB for Rs. 250 to 750 depend on quality. I proffered you take a 13K C band Universal Duel LNB which come for Rs. 550 (Approx)

    here you will get morethan 60 Free TV Channels including India TV, Alzazira News etc

  35. unnikrishnan Says:

    Kindly let me know that in coming inda vs new zealand cricket seriers ,which channel will telecast.?

  36. b4umovie dd dirackt goto home hear Says:

    b4umovie goto home

  37. lad vipul Says:

    b4umovie dd dirackt goto home hear

  38. Surya Says:

    real fta on dish tv on test signal 114,
    Scan as all or fta you will get this channel.

  39. Surya Says:

    actualy real replaced with 9x on dish tv.
    Enjoy their programes ad till 2nd march………………………

  40. martin Says:


    iam residing in Guduvancheri nearby chennai. iam using dd direct plus. two days back to check any new channel is added, i did auto scan in my set top box. it said space is full since same channels were present twice or thrice. so instead of deleting the channels which are repeated i thought its better to delete all the channels and do a new AUTO SCAN so that the earlier presend channels as well as new channels if any will also be present in the channel list in my set top box. But to my surprice channels like KBS WORLD, NHK WORLD and DW TV did not apper again in the channel list. i lost these international channels. can you tell what signal parameters i should put to add these 3 channels again. i need the signal info to type in ADD PROGRAM in my set top box. CGN TV channel is not lost. it came again whan i did auto scan. please help..

    Dear Martin,

    Please Tune 11490 V 27500 TP. you will get all 10 channels. all the DD TP are as follows

    10990 V 27500
    11070 V 27500
    11150 V 27500
    11490 V 27500
    11570 V 27500

    11090 H 29500 CGN TV

    12595 V 40700 Zee Tamil, F TV India, India TV, Play TV etc
    12728 V 27500 Zee Trendz

    I hope it will help you to see all the channels

  41. martin Says:


    i got KBS, NHK and DW tv. thanks a lot ranjit.

    Also i tried tuning 12595 V 40700 and got Zee Tamil, F TV India, India TV, Play TV. if you have any other information on channels which can be tuned in dd direct + kindly let me know.

  42. Ranajit Koley Says:

    always welcome

    actually 12595 V 40700 signal is too poor. thats why you are not getting this. To get it 1st receive morethan 55% signal from 12728 V 27500 (Zee Trendz and 11490 V 27500 also with morethan 55%. Now try to get 12595 V 40700. I think you will get it at 15 – 20 % signal. now tune your LNB very slowly to increase the signal of 12595 V 40700. When it will reach more than 38% leave it and check all TP signal i.e. from 10990 V 27500 to 12728 V 27500.

    I hope you get all the channels of DD Direct Plus & Dish TV (Only Free Channels)

    for more update related with DD Direct Plus.see this blog regularly and if you need any help you can write me here

  43. Mashkoor Says:


    i live in Oman, can i set frequency to watch PEACE TV in dishtv set top box. Will it be possible? i don’t want to buy saperate receiver for that?

    Looking fowrard for your early and favorable reply,

    Rgds –


    Sorry Dear ,

    Its impossible. Because Peace TV is available in Intelsat 10 at 68 degree in C Band. And Dish TV’s both Set Top Boxes are not support another satellite or C Band LNB. To get this channels you have to take another Set Top Box

  44. suraj Says:

    can i watch c band channel through dd irect’s stb by using 60 cm dish & c band lnb ? Please sir help me.

    Yes . you can watch C Band Channels through your existing Set Top Box but not with your 60cm C Band Dish. To see C Band Channels you need minimum 4 ft or more big Dish and a C Band LNB

  45. Anish K.S Says:

    Nice Post, very useful one.


  46. martin Says:


    two weeks back malayalam channels like Jaihind tv, Kairali and tamil channel Mega tv were found though good sinal has got in my dd direct plus.
    i learned that they are discontinuing from dd direct plus. From yesterday onwards KBS WORLD channel is not found in the desired signal parameter. Is KBS WORLD pulling out of dd direct plus? iam getting other international channels like nhk tv and dw-tv but KBS WORLD is not found. Is KBS WORLD discontinuing from dd direct plus or i can get this channel in different signal parameter?

  47. martin Says:

    i meant… jaihind tv, kairali tv and Mega tv are NOT found.. its a typing error in my above post.

  48. suraj Says:

    yes kbs world is also remove from dd dth

  49. martin Says:

    kbs world is an extremely good channel. its painful to know that they discontinued from dd direct plus 24th of March,2009 onwards. its because of contractual issues between kbs world and prasar bharati. can we inform any authority regarding this to have kbs world back, as viewers choice and preference to have it. whom to contact and how to contact?

  50. Ranajit Koley Says:

    KBS World left DD Direct Plus. The main reason is
    (i) Basically KBS World is a Pay Channels.
    (ii) Prasar Bharati take too much from foreign Channels but there is no good traffic at all of KBS World
    (iii) And also from now they will not more continued it in any satellite as FTA Channels. although still its available in Badr at 26 deg East from Europe & Meddle East

    So forget about this channels.

  51. pallavi Says:

    is there any way to restart kbs world

    • ranajitkoley Says:

      Its depends on Prasar Bharati. I think it will not join again DD Direct Plus. We can hope any new International Channels like it. you can personally send a mail to Prasar Bharati to return KBS World.

      • ranajitkoley Says:

        Inf anybody have interest to back KBS World , Please write 2 mail to both providers. i.e. send a mail to Prasar Bharati & also send a mail to KBS World TV Channels. The address are
        (i) KBS World
        KBS New Media Business Team,
        #18 Yeuido-dong Yeungdeungpo-gu
        Seoul South Korea, 150-790
        E Mail : ryuhyosun@kbs.co.kr

        (ii) DD Direct Plus

        Doordarshan Bhawan,
        Copernicus Marg,
        New Delhi- 110001
        E Mail : dddirect@dd.nic.in
        : ddinews@doordarshan.gov.in

        as per my experience if you write any mail to KBS World they will reply you very soon but Prasar Bharati never give you any reply. But who want to back again KBS World in DD Direct Plus Platform please write 2 mail

  52. JUNAID MV Says:


    • ranajitkoley Says:


      Right now its available in Intelsat 10 at 68.5 deg only and available in C band. So you need minimum 6ft Dish for Peace TV. If it is available in DD Direct Plus I will inform you all in here

  53. anand Says:

    i am using dd dish can i use to watch manoranjan tv if yes please tell me lnb freq and other freq and if no what to do to watch it and it is possible to watch uk b4u movies

    • ranajitkoley Says:

      Its Impossible to watch Manoranjan TV through Ku Band (DD Direct Plus) but possible using DD Direct Plus Set Top Box. I mean if you use a 5 ft or more big C Band Dish you can watch Manoranjan TV inclusing all C band Free To Air channels from Insat 2E/4A. If you have mpeg 4 Set Top Boxes, you can watch B4U Movies India also as free (now only after a few days it will encrypted) from Asiasat 3S Satellite

      Now C band Dishes also available anywhere in India & prices is also cheap If you Invest just Rs 3000.00 you can watch more than 200 Free TV Channels with lots of good channels

      If you need any more help about C band Dish & reception system you can write me here

  54. anand Says:

    thanks for your quick reply one thing i want to make clear that i have to change dish to c band dish to watch manoranjan tv lnb and recevier will remain same.
    do we any other movies channel in ku band in other satellite.

  55. ranajitkoley Says:

    Always welcome

    If you moved to C band Dish you can get lots of channels as an example you can see http://www.lyngsat.com/thai78.html here some good English Movie channels as free like Sterlite, Filmax, and http://www.lyngsat.com/in83.html and your existing DD Direct Plus from same dish. Only you nedd to collect C band LNB, DiSEqC Switch. you not need to buy any new STB. Your existing STB will work very fine. There is no any specific Hindi movie free channels except B4U movies & Manoranjan TV. Some entertainment channels also show Hindi movie

  56. shekhar Says:

    i have dish tv stv,lnb and dish but no subscription . is it possible to watch
    fta channels through above .
    pls. inform me.

    • ranajitkoley Says:

      Yes its possible to watch DD Direct Plus through your existing Dish TV Set Top Box without any subscription. There is 2-3 way to watch Free DTH using Dish TV. The process will be as follows.

      1. you have to degrade you software version to 1.55 or 3.20 including firmware. in this version software unable to auto update so, you can watch only free channels after expiring your subscription period. If you subscribe again, you will get pay channels. If you want to degrade your software from any Dish TV Service Center, They never do it. You have to pay extra something (Rs 250 – 400) to service person personally to do that. But its illegal from Dish TV.

      2. You can change its software & Firmware by any Set Top Box service person. If you do this one time, you cant get pay channels through this STB. Through this you can get only Free to Air TV Channels like DD Direct Plus. And it will work as DD Direct Plus Ordinary Set Top Box. Its the most easy way. For that you have to pay Rs 250 – 500 to service person

      3 Another one process is very difficult, but you can do it. For this method you need one Active Dish TV VC Card. This process will avoid warning message “contact Dish TV” and channel locking. And finally no Set Top Box Engineer need. and you not need to pay any money to anybody to do this.

      Follow this step very carefully to do it. If you unable to do it do it again. Hope you will success. After done please reply me the status

      (i) Press MENU button on Remote Control Unit (RCU)

      (ii) Goto Settings

      (iii) Press Right Arrow Key to Goto STB Info Press OK

      (iv) Goto Setup option by pressing RED Button

      (v) Goto Restore Factory settings and Press OK (RED)

      (vi) Ignore Warning message, “Warning, All your personal settings and all your channels will be lost!”

      (vii) Press again OK (RED). This will erase all the channels of Dish TV and DD Direct+ already saved.

      (viii) Now Press Power Button (RED) to Switch OFF, then again Press Power to Switch ON

      (ix) Here, see message “303.NOT INSTALLED”,”No service installed, please install your Set-top Box by Pressing OK

      (x) Be Ready to manually DISCONNECT Dish Antenna cable from your Set Top Box, So loose the connection to make easy to DISCONNECT. then Press OK

      (xi) The searching Menu will start searching channels starting from Home Frequency (12688/V/27500), then DD Direct+ Frequencies in series from 10990/V/27500, 11070/V/27500, 11150/V/27500, 11570/V/27500, 11490/V/27500….(then Dish TV’s frequencies), after this manually DISCONNECT Dish Antenna cable from your STB.

      a) At the Searching Process Seeking bar might be at 37%.

      b) The Total Channels Searched should be…..

      TV channels: 68
      Radio Channels: 23
      Network services: 0

      (xii) If can not able to DISCONNECT at right time, Press GREEN button to goto to STEP (ix) ,Do Again.

      (xiii) After compliting 100% Search process, Now see warning Message indicating that,
      “Warning, Some transponders were missed. Press red to install anyway,or yellow to rescan”

      (xiv) Press RED button to Install Anyway

      (xv) Then you will see the Empty Screen, Don’t confuse, Connect the disconnected dish antenna
      cable to STB and just navigate the channels to see
      only DD Direct+ channels on the Dish Tv’s STB firmware and Zee Punjabi, Zee Bangla etc (9 Encrypted Channels) may come as encrypted

      Notice changes like…

      1) Channels are arranged as DishTV’s channel No. series from Channel No: 113 – 9X to radio channels

      2) When Switch On the STB, see channel “Gyandarshan 2” on Channel No. 997 as DEFAULT
      channel at startup (like Dish TV’s “Dish Interactive” – Ch. No.999)

      3) In this way you cant get Dish TV’s Free Channels like Zee Tamil

      Important Note: You must have to insert active smart card (VC Card) to STB, at the time of channel search
      (service installation). After complete the installation please remove your Active Card . This will avoid interruption of “contact Dish TV” during viewing.

      Enjoy!!!… the DD Direct Plus more than 57 Free entertainment channels without interruption……..

  57. uttam Says:

    i am using two dish . one is ku band and other is C band . i use thicom 5 and insat 4 b for dd direct plus . when i use two way disceqc switch i could not get all dd channels . i could receive just star utsab group 10 channels . how can i got all channels ? my seting is as 22 k off , lnb 1 for c band and 22k on , lnb 2 for ku band . plz help me .

    • ranajitkoley Says:

      1st tell me how much average signal are you getting from DD Direct Plus ? In DD Direct Plus 11490 V 27500 is the weakest TP of DD DTH. When you set your Dish please make sure that this TP must have more than 55% signal strength. If you have more than 38% signal in this TP you will get all the channels from DD Direct Plus but sometimes you may faced week signal problems in this TP.
      Here you told me that you are not getting Star Utsab and other channels like Music India, Zee Smile, B4U Music etc. To get this channels please search 11570 V 27500 and you dont need to turn on 22K switch, please turn of 22K switch from Thaicom. Now manually search 11570 V 27500, 22K OFF, DiSEqC – LNB 2. Hope you will get all channels. otherwise your DiSEqC switch is not working. try it replacing the switch

      If you need any more help you can again write me here

  58. shekhar Says:

    hi Ranjit ji,
    thank u for ur help. it’s successfully installed dd+ fta.

  59. martin Says:

    can you tell me the dimension of c band dish and ku band
    dish. i like to know what dish i use. mine is a small one which
    i use for dd direct plus.

  60. deen Says:

    hi mr.ranjit
    i have DD direct plus.i am able to watch all dd channels on four TPs except 11490 V 27500.When i try to turn the dish i am able to watch in the morning with varying signal strength but i am not able to receive it in the evening.i am missing 11490 V 27500.pl help.thanks in advance

    • ranajitkoley Says:

      Thanks Shekhar for your comments. You are always welcome

      Martin, If you want to receive Ku Band Channels from any satellite you need minimum 40cm Dish. It may be Prime focus or offset Dish. but if you think for C Band you need minimum 100cm Dish to get signal. Practically a 5ft Dish can receive any C Band Channels. If you think I will get all V Band & Ku Band Channel will come in a Dish, you need a 6 ft or more big Prime focus Dish. Normayy in DD Direct plus we are using Offset Ku Band Dish, In all ATM Network we all are used 4ft or more big Offset Dish.

      Deen , Signal strength of 11490 V 27500 is week than other TP. and another all TP’s signal is not more than 50% in your Dish. Thats why you are receive this problems.. SO please retune your LNB with 11490 V 27500, try to get morethan 45% signal from it. If you get 45% signal from this TP you will get all the channels of DD Direct Plus. But right now you dont have 25% signal in this TP. try to increse it fast

      Hope all problems are solved if anybody have any doubt , can reply me. I will try to solve it


      Ranajit Koley

  61. bhaskarjyoti kalita Says:

    sir,i am from guwahati.my dishtv subscription period is over and now i m geting free channels of ddd plus.but i m unable to get ftv india,zee trendz,play tv.i am geting zee tamil.when i tune in these channels conditional access appear.plz sir help me to geting these channels.

  62. bqaskarjyoti kalita Says:

    sir,i am getting fta channels after my subscription period is over on dishtv.but,i am unable to get fashion tv,zee trendz and other channels except zee tamil.conditional access appears in these channels.how can i enjoy these channels.thanks in advance

    • ranajitkoley Says:

      above mention Channels are encrypted by Dish TV. Thats why you are not getting those. Now another Channels called ETC PUNJABI is now FTA from Dish TV Package. so you can get it now

  63. kashyap Says:

    Dear Sir,
    Recently bought a avermedia avertv satellite tv tuner( A816)(hybrid DVB-S) Inserted all settings values of satellite and LNB as mentioned but unable to receive any channels on clicking program scan. Can you please tell the LNB settings in detail:Input range of LNB, Low LOF, Switch frequency, High LOF and what is the switch type of the satellite-options are none, 22k, DiseqC, 13V/18V and none.

    • Ranajit Koley Says:

      Mr. Kashyap,

      1st you need to synchronize your dish with a satellite. Means You have to receive a Satellite signal through your Dish & LNB, After that put details value like LNB1, LNB2, Transponder Frequency (TP), Symbol Rate, Polarization, 12V Mode, 22K Switch Search mode etc etc. If you not synchronized your dish with a satellite all the value will not work & you will get nothing

      First fixed your Dish with a satellite using normal Set Top Box & TV Set. After that put this Value in the program of your TV Tuner Card

      If you receive Ku Band Channels using normal DTH Like DD Direct Plus Then Value will be as follows

      LNB 1 = 09750
      LNB 2 = 09750
      Transponder Frequency (TP) : 10990 (Put the TP Provided by DTH Provider or satellite Provider) Like 11070, 11150, 10490, 11570 etc
      Polarization : V/H (as per frequency) In DD Direct Plus all are in V polarized
      Symbol Rate = As per Frequency (In DD Direct Plus 27500)
      12 V = OFF
      22K Switch = OFF (If Transponder Frequency is more than 12500, it will be turned ON)
      Search Mode : All (If you want encrypted channels also, otherwise Free)

      Note : If Transponder Frequency is higher than 12500 then LNB Frequency will be 10600 in both

      If you receive C band Channels through it Then both LNB Frequency will be 05150, TP, Pol & SR as per frequency. In C Band There is no function in 12V, 22K. But we can use 22k to add more than 4 satellite at a time

      I hope this information will help you. If you need further help just write me. Definitely I will reply soon

  64. bhaskarjyoti kalita Says:

    ya.i am also geting etc punjabi through dishtv stb.but earlier you said that f tv,zee trendz channels are fta by dishtv.is there no way to enjoy these channels?or can it be enjoyed by replacing my stb by a fta type?plz help sir

    • Ranajit Koley Says:

      No Only FTA Channels will be abailable. Now Only Zee Tamil, ETC Punjabi are coming from Dish TV. If you like more FTA channels then go with C Band. I think its the best for Free TV, Where you can get DY365, NE Television, NE Hifi, Rang, News Live etc for free

  65. Ami Roberts Says:


    I just visited your blog at “https://ranajitkoley.wordpress.com/2008/05/07/dd-direct-plus-dish-tv-free-channel-list/” and found an interesting one for content link exchange with my website and blogs. As your blog is relevant with mine so it would beneficial for both of us and in this way we can also increase our back links. If you also find it suitable then please let me know at- ami.roberts86@gmail.com

    Ami Roberts

  66. bhaskarjyoti kalita Says:

    Why no rply for so long?

  67. mosss Says:

    can anybody tell how to get peace tv channel on DTH??

    • Ranajit Koley Says:

      Sri Lanka’s DTH Providers Dialog TV Carry Peace TV In their package but not as a Free Channels. If you like it go with C band Dish. Peace TV, Q TV etc are coming from Intelsat 10 Satellite and for Free. You will easily get it using a 5 ft Dish

  68. raaju Says:

    dear sir,
    at list i got your sight thank god
    im use dd dth for last 1 year[ in rajasthan]
    my last vijit to kolcatta some one use hand made umbralla type dish and got more chanell
    how to set ,plz explain.
    i have ATLANTA LY-39 deli made
    in rain time i got more paid channel atomatic
    but this ummer my dth is upset and no free chanel is at my dth
    how i got ( Free : Play TV, India TV, Nepal 1, Zee Tamil, Fashion TV, Zee Smile]


  69. ramesh Says:


    I am interested to get DD Dish TV. can you please let me know the channels provided by this serive and the price. I am residing in chennai and please do forward me the contact number for me to get information on this DD Dish TV product.



  70. Abhay Kumar Pandey Says:

    Dear Ranjit Koley Ji.

    Recently, I bought Beetel STB and enjoying host of DD Plus broadcast. My Disc size seems very small – width is 45 Cm ,height is 35.6 Cm only. Once you replied me that this antenna I can get ABS 1 at 75 deg East, Asiasat 3S
    Etc. I attempted moving antenna to all possible ways but failed. Please guide me how to obtain the receptions from the aforesaid satellites. Does this need some changing configurations in STB also ?? Pl. advise and oblige. I am based in Kathmandu.



  71. raj Says:

    why kalaingar tv and makkal tv is not shown in dishtv, i activated in india there iam able to see all channels, but when i brought here in dubai (UAE), i can’t see those channels. what to do?

    But in my friends home, he can access all the channels, in his building they installed one big DISHTV and it is distributed to all flats, but everybody possess separate DISHTV receivers?

    what is the difference?
    how it is possible to see kalaingar tv and makkal tv in the same one without installing separate Dish?

  72. Sunil Says:

    Dear Mr Ranajit,
    is there any way to get DD channels in UAE from dish tv?

  73. Venkatesan Says:

    I have a Dish TV connection but I am not getting the free to air DD channels. Do we have to change the settings in the Dish TV STB to get them or do they come automatically?

    Any help will be highly appreciated.

  74. Martin Says:

    makkal tv is not coming in dd direct plus for the past 5 days.
    has makkal tv discontinued from dd direct plus?

  75. M.Bhaskar Says:

    I need DD direct to launch PEACE T.V on free Air.Pls help me get the above channel through the media.

    • Ranajit Koley Says:

      Dear Bhaskar, If you need Peace TV for free you need to buy a 6ft Dish for that, through which you can get morethan 250 Free TV Channels including Peace Tv & DD Direct Plus

  76. Haseen Says:

    i can’t get MAKKAL tv in my free channel DD
    so pls help me..

  77. bobby Says:

    very nice blog!! keep up the good work!!
    PS: check my blog!!! 😛

  78. K.Mohamed Ali Says:

    Dear sir,
    I am mohamed ali, i am residing in dubai also using dish tv in my home, in dishtv channel no-1000(what’s on india) showing kalangar tv, dd channels but, i searched several time, but its not coming, also i am using 130cm dish
    Please advise me
    i am waiting for ur valuable reply.
    Thanks & Regards
    Mohamed ali

    • Ranajit Koley Says:

      Dear Ali,

      In Dubai, Siganl of Insat 4B satellite is very week, thats why you are not getting this channels including all DD Direct Channels. If you previously receive this channels from your recent location, then purchase a new 0.3 db or 0.1 db LNB & replace your existing LNB. It may solve your problems.

  79. ratnakumar Says:

    how to tune dd+ with nextwave cx5000 receiver

    • Ranajit Koley Says:

      Dear Ratan,

      Please see the manual for STB

      other technical details are as follows

      LNB 1 = 09750
      LNB 2= 09750
      LNB Type : Universal
      Transponder Frequency : 10990,11070,11150,11490,11570
      Polarization = Vertical (V)
      Symbol Rate = 27500
      FEC= 3/4
      22K = OFF
      DiSEqC = OFF
      12V = Off
      Scan Mode : FTA (FTA/ALL)


      or if you have any other option you can let me know. I will try to help you to setup DD Direct Minus in your STB

  80. saleem Says:

    Dear sir
    i am using insat 4b dish and i will not getting zee smile and star utasave news 24 remaing chennelas are coming how can i set up all these before all is working proper please give me some hint to make correct

    • Ranajit Koley Says:

      Dear Saleem,

      Transponder Frequency of DD Direct minus(-) are as follows. So please tune this frequency to get all the DD Direct Minus(-) Channels

      10990 V 27500
      11070 V 27500
      11150 V 27500
      11490 V 27500
      11570 V 27500

      Tune this frequency to get all the channels. through here you will get 59 Channels. very soon number will be increase. I will inform you all about the new frequency

  81. Haseen Says:

    Dear sir
    im using insant 4b and i will not getting kalihner at after 5pm. signel week.. i do money things to get the signal but i cnt… pls help me…………….

    • Ranajit Koley Says:

      Dear Haseen,

      you did not mention your location at all. Any way, you did not get this as the TP 11570 V 27500 is now week than before. So please try to increase the signal of your Dish more than 50 % in 11570 V 27500 & more than 45 % in 11470 V 27500. after this change your this problems will be fixed

      Hope this information will help you

  82. M.RISVI Says:

    Unable to watch Kalaignar and Mega tv on Dish tv in night time but low signal quality in the morning time. Using 100cm dish, pls help me to solve the problem, from Sri lanka.Sir.

    • Ranajit Koley Says:

      Dear Risvi,

      You need to get more signal from DD TP means 11490 V 27500 & 11570 V 27500. Right now you are facing this problems due to low signal or week signal. if you increase this signal more than 45 % you can get this very easily. As per my information in Sri Lanka there in enough signal from Insat 4B Satellite.

      I hope this information will help you to fix this problems

  83. Ab.Razak Says:

    Hi.i am from kashmir ihave 2 s t b box s and also ku and c band Lnb and dishs dishtv and digital reciver .Now my request is that can i watch peicetv qtv noortv on my cband 4ft dish throug dishtv reciver or free to air reciver if yes kindly send me frequencey as Lnb tp freq. Sy rate freq.And other requird information producer it will be your most kindnes.Iwait your good reply thanks

    • Ranajit Koley Says:

      Dear Razak,

      If you have 4 Feet or more big Dish (120 cm or more big) you can get Peace TV & Noor TV from C Band LNB from Intelsat 10 Satellite as those all Channels are FTA Channels. To get Q TV and all other channels of Intelsat 10 C Band you need minimum 5 ft (150 cm ) Dish. All this will come on normal FTA Receiver not in Dish Tv Receiver.

      TO get those channels you Need 5 ft or More Big Dish
      One 13K C Band Dual LNB
      One FTA Digital Receiver
      to get this Channel you need to synchronized your dish with intelsat 10 Satellite located at 68 deg East,
      for those Channels LNB Frequency will be 05150
      Frequency of that TV Channels as follows
      Peace Tv 4116 V 8145
      Q TV 3864 H 19890
      Noor Tv 3808 V 10340

      hope this information will help you, if you need further help you may write here

  84. Muhammad Danish Says:

    I would like to ask why Peace TV and Peace TV Urdu are not available on DD Direct DTH Service? These are 24 Hour Free to Air Channels, there are many people who want to watch these channels on DD Direct

    • Ranajit Koley Says:

      Dear Danish,
      Please ask it to Information & Broadcasting Minister of India (Mrs Ambika Soni) & Owner of Peace Tv Mr. Zakir Nayek also. Hope they will give you right answer

  85. mohammed mansoor kv Says:

    new more malayalam chanels

  86. voleti Says:

    Dear Sir

    I am having dish tv receiver with subcription of south telugu channel package
    i wanted to how can we view SBVC channel with dish tv receiver? if not with normal digital receiver what i need to keep the dish kindly advise
    i live in muscat, sultanate of oman


    • Ranajit Koley Says:

      Dear Voleti,

      Thanks for query. SBVC Channels is coming as a part of DD Direct Plus, but the signal Receive of Insat 4B satellite from your currect location is very hard. 1st tell me are you getting Kalaignar Tv & DD national from this connection or not. If you are getting those, you can get SBVC Channels also. Please ask any Dish Installer Engineers to fix your Dish Properly to get it. If you are getting DD National and other DD direct Channels but not getting Kalaignar TV then try to increase your Dish Size to get SBVC Channels. And finally if you are not getting any DD Channels from your Location, you cant get SBVC Channels.

      I hope this information will helps you.

  87. mohd ahmad Says:

    dear sir, i am auto searching the the channels there are star’s channels like star movie,star gold news, but they are not viewed but have good signal can see them.i am using fta receiver.from up india

  88. Amit Says:

    Hi Ranjit !

    I have only one query. What is the one time total cost for DD Plus and can I listen to BBC World News without paying monthly subscription.
    PS – Is TV Set must for attaching SET TOP BOX or is there any alternative. I just want to listen NEW Channels. Hence asked.


    hi friends. I am staying in GHANA (WEST AFRICA) I have installed c-band dish at my home. I am getting DD BHARTI, DD SPORTS, DD NEWS, DD INDIA etc., Indian FTA CHANNELS on my decoder. It also catches some of pay channels like SONY TV, ZEE TV, SAB TV, DISCOVERY, MTV, etc., also on it. Signal strength is also showing green but I cant watch any of this channels. My friend told me that I have to pay for that channels to view it but I don’t know where to pay and how much are they charging for it. My decoder is STRONG DECODER model no. SRT 4669X.


  90. NEERAJ Says:

    please transmit DD HISSAR on dd direct plus. we are not getting full entertainment in absence of dd hissar.

  91. Javed Akhtar Says:

    dear sir i live in bhilai chhattisgarh india i want to know what equipments are required to get all islamic channels like Qtv,Peace tv,noor tv etc & from where do i can get these equipments & frequency for above mention channels as well as cost of all equipments

  92. deepak Says:

    I want to know that how can i purchase and install dd direct plus at ludhiana punjab? What are the authentication marks for original hardware?

  93. phani Says:

    Hi Ranjit,
    I want to listen to BBC news and some other AIR channels (1485 kHz738 kHz 1377 kHz 837 kHz 927 kHz)from Pune. Can you please suggest how can I do that? I am planning to buy a SW radio something like CC Radio SW and my budget is 5k. I prefer a portable radio. Can you please help? I tried to reach you on 9804174536,but the number is not working.

  94. mohammed suhail Says:


  95. mohammed suhail Says:


  96. Sai Shyam Singh Says:

    Hello Sir,

    I live in Guntur Dist.,Andhra Pradesh.I want to install DD Direct Plus in my home.From where can i get all the required necessary items viz., STB etc. ?? Kindly reply.


  97. Sai Shyam Singh Says:

    Hello Sir,

    I live in Guntur dist. Andhra Pradesh.I want to install DD Direct Plus in my home.Can please tell me from where can i get Dish,STB etc. whatever items that are necessary to install DD Direct Plus.

    Waiting for your reply


  98. Abhay Kumar Pandey Says:

    Hi Ranjit Ji,

    I would appreciate you for uniting great fraternity of highly satisfied DD Plus users.
    Now, Please let me know how to overcome signal loss situation during Rainy season.

    I am living in Kathmandu and wish to watch some more FTA channels, may be from other satellites. I am using oval Dish (size 45 Cm).
    Please advise.


    Abhay Kumar Pandey

  99. anil juneja Says:

    i have videocon d2h & wana to play manoranjan tv please tell me

  100. anil juneja Says:

    i have videocon d2h & wana to play manoranjan tv please tell me i mliving in ajmer (jaipur)

  101. Jaydip Banerjee Says:

    how can i receive bbc radio programes in india? specially bbc radio 3


    west bengal

  102. Martin Says:

    what are the tamil private channels available in dddirect plus and how do i get it. kindly provide me the frequency i should tune in my dddirect plus set top box. I am in chennai. Thanks

  103. Martin Says:

    has Kalaignar TV and mega tv discontinued from dd direct +. i am not getting any of the tamil entertainment channels in dd direct plus except pothigai tv. please give me signal parameter i should tune in to get these channels. Are there any other tamil channels available in dd direct +

  104. satyendra Says:

    i satyendra
    want to know that
    where are dd direct plus shop are in patna.
    please tell me hurry up.

  105. Zeshan ahmad Says:

    I am from kashmir please tell me on what satellite i can recieve maximum number of islamicarabictv channels and what sort of dish is required

  106. sukhwinder singh Says:

    can i watch all free channels of dd direct and all other dth providers with one ku band 90 cms dish and reciever

  107. Vishnukumar Says:

    Hume set box chayaia

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